Facebook Graph Search API – a new generation of apps will ensue

Earlier today Facebook announced Graph Search – a new API that enables search capabilities over its social graph. This is a very clever move by FB and it will  herald a new breed of Facebook Apps over the coming weeks.

Think about it – locked away in your Facebook friends pages lies all sorts of interesting data that you can now mine.

For example

Restaurants that my friends have ‘liked’ within 2kms of my current location

– Places nearby where my friends have just checked in

– Single friends under 30 living in New York…

-How many of my friends are into a certain genre of music and have bought a certain album?

The list is endless. For me this is a real game changer for Facebook. The social network has just grown up and unleashed a powerful API that will put answers to all sorts of unanswered questions in its customers hands.

Graph database technology has slowly been gaining in popularity over the past few years with the folks at Neo4J leading the open source charge. I’m sure they are following along with great interest. If you are keen to learn more about how graph databases work check out their cool six degrees of Kevin Bacon example!


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