Agile Australia call for speakers open till Friday 15th March

Just 2 days left folks if you plan on submitting a talk for Agile Australia 2013. The conference takes place at the end June in Sydney. I’ve got a business trip to Sydney at the same time so I’ve put forward two talks. There are close to 200 submissions already so competition is going to be tough!

I’ve put 2 talks forward

“Remote workers don’t wear pajamas “ – its about dispelling some myths about the remote workforce and putting forward what companies and remote workers need to do to make it all work.

Great teams don’t grow on trees! – how to build a sensational agile team through a culture of continuous learning” –  the title pretty much covers it, its a case study about how myself and a co worker have seen a massive positive shift in team culture through a series of innovations we rolled out to a team over the past 18 months

  • Fluid documentation, light upfront architecture
  • Hire craftsmen not programmers
  • Everyone has a voice
  • Social networking tools 
  • Brown bags
  • Code retreat 
  • Code competition
  • Hack days

2 thoughts on “Agile Australia call for speakers open till Friday 15th March

    • thanks. Great story – On the MySQL team (500 people) 70% work remotely in 32 countries across 18 time zones !
      I really like his point about bringing your personality with you
      “You can bring your personality and even your body language online if you decide to do so. And that is how you make it work.”

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