Azure Data Center coming Down Under!

Earlier today Microsoft announced that they will be opening a Windows Azure region in Australia  with sub-regions in NSW and Victoria. This is great news for cloud computing in Australia. Late last year Amazon Web Services launched its own Sydney region comprising of two availability zones – more competition in the IaaS space will be surely  drive costs even lower!

The key here here is the announcement of two separate sub regions – this means customers can build out geo-redundancy without their data ever leaving Australian shores. No more round-tripping to Singapore or US West , what happens in Australia stays in Australia!

Updated 28-10-2014

In case you missed the announcement “Today at TechEd Sydney, we opened our 18th and 19th regions for business, in New South Wales and Victoria.”

Booyah ! check out the console – Australia East & Australia SouthEast are open for business !

Thats pretty much 15 months after the initial announcements, I’m sure a lot of co-workers in Melbourne will be rubbing their hands together today !

azure regions

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