Hack day idea #1 – API Soup






I thought I’d share the idea behind a recent hack day I organised with one of the product development teams at work – “API Soup”. It worked really well and apart from the fact that you can come up with a great Andy Warhol inspired poster to promote the event, the idea is reusable in any organisation.

The Rules

  • You need a minimum 3 people on your team
  • This is a work focused hack day – your innovation must compliment an existing company product or have a real world use within the office
  • You must include at least one public API in your innovation , if you are stuck for idea’s there are over 10,000++ API’s published over at the programmable web 

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation – we’re looking for a killer idea, end of story.
  • Prefer working end to end software at the final showcase, too often at hack days people bite off way more than they can chew and they end up presenting a half-finished idea, this time we really wanted you to focus on working software.
  • Team work – we want to see everyone on your team rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever it takes to build out your innovation. Think outside the box and make sure you use every team member effectively during the day. This is not just about writing code – we want to see a great user experience and well thought out team presentation
  • The more API’s the better! We all love API’s, spread the love around today and tap into as many different API’s as you dare!


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