IFTTT.com – What a great example of why the world needs more public API’s!

If anyone still needs to be convinced about the power and value of building a public API in their product then look no further!

Last month a work colleague put me on to the website IfThisThenThat and I’ve been telling everyone about it ever since!

It’s such a simple idea but its absolutely brilliant – I can’t believe it took this long for someone to come up with it.The website lets you create simple workflows (recipes) out of social API’s. You can share your recipes with others or horde them away all to yourself.

Here’s a few examples

“If the exchange rate of the Euro to the Australian Dollar hits 0.75 then send me an email.”


“Automatically email me my new iPhone photos”


“back up all my contacts to a google spreadsheet”


“If its going to snow tomorrow send me an alert to google glass”


This platform is going to be huge, no just for tinkerers who are looking for a geeky productivity tool but also for marketing companies and think of the possibilities when you connect it to the home O/S – “If its going to be cold in the morning , then turn on the heat”.

The world needs more public API’s and IFTTT.com needs to aggregate them all !


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