Fixing the dastardly NuGet Error : “Unable to connect to remote server”

Package Managers are awesome … when they work ! Lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble running NuGet package restore commands on my dev machine. Its all my own doing but I thought I’d share the pain points with you and 5 simple steps to to follow whenever you encounter the error that will get you back up and running…

Step 1 –  (seriously) close visual studio ,reboot your machine and try again

Step 2 –  disable any HTTP debugging  proxies on your machine

If you are running a local proxy debugging tool such as  Fiddler or OWASP Zed Attack Proxy you’ve broken NuGet ! You’ll need to turn them off (open fiddler=> fiddler option => connection => uncheck “act as system proxy on startup”)  and ensure that the  environment variable  HTTP_PROXY is removed from your system settings.

Step 3 –  (seriously) close visual studio  again , reboot your machine and try again

Step 4 –  clear the package cache(s) on your machine

NuGet has deep pockets and lots of them !

  • Delete the contents of the  folder


  • Delete the contents of the “packages” folder that sits alongside your visual studio .sln file

Step 5 – If you are using a custom package sources delete and recreate it

We run an internal NuGet server in the office, the trouble is I work remotely from the other side of the world so I need to connect over a VPN to access the server, this is way too slow for me so I sync up the contents of a local folder on my pc with the NuGet packages from the office and point to this using a custom package source that points to the folder.


Occasionally NuGet has trouble dealing with this and I need to delete the Package source and recreate it…

Voilà – you are hopefully back in business !

3 thoughts on “Fixing the dastardly NuGet Error : “Unable to connect to remote server”

  1. None of your suggestions fixed my problem. Here’s what DID fix the problem for me:
    Internet Explorer > Tools > Connections > Lan Setting and uncheck the ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ box. Actually doing this fixed both the Nuget unable to connect to server problem AND another problem I was having with a VMWare connection. It also caused a considerable increase in speed in my browsing using IE11. Just thought I’d let you know in case anyone else has this problem and stumbles upon your blog entry.

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