I’m the first Irishman to contribute to ASP.NET !

So I’m pretty confident that I’m the first Irish man to contribute to the next version of Microsoft’s ASP.NET.

Its a pretty funny story, I attended NDC London last month and David Fowler was on stage demonstrating some of the cool features of ASP.NET vNext when he noticed a small bug. I fixed it that night, submitted a pull request and its been accepted into the main build.

It’s really great to see Microsoft embracing open source and the community.

ASPNET vNext is a complete rewrite from the ground up and will run on both Linux & Windows. Its a big move in the right direction from Microsoft. Gone are the days of vendor lock, you no longer need Windows to run ASP.NET , you no longer need a Microsoft IDE  to write your code and there are already bunch of open source plug-ins coming for Sublime and you favorite text editors. Its heavily inspired from frameworks like Sinatra / Express – out of the box its a minimalistic web hosting framework, if you want more bells and whistles you need to pull them in as extra packages. Its still a work in progress but hopefully we’ll see ASP.NET vNext in the market in 2015.

Anyway here’s my pull request in all its glory, open at Microsoft is definitely open for business !


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