Book Review – “Building Microservices” By Sam Newman

Designing Fine-Grained Systems

Microservices are currently a very hot topic in the software development. By choosing to build finely grained services, that are deployed independently and modeled around very specific business domains  you avoid a lot of the problems of traditional service-oriented architectures. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to software development. If you decide to adopt a microservices architecture you need to invest heavily in automation and your DevOps capabilities.

Sam Newman does an excellent job in this book in explaining the key concepts of microservices. He tackles some really difficult topics like – service versioning, how to secure service endpoints, testing approaches , how small should you build your services and how to incrementally move away from a monolithic architecture.The book does a fantastic job of highlighting common pitfalls and areas of concern for when you *are* building such a system.

I’d highly recommend this book if you are currently building out microservices or thinking about going down this path in the near future. I’ve been working on a fairly large microservices implementation for the past 6 months and I wish this book had been around when we started on our journey.





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